Luxtude: We Are Ready for Chinese Brands Day


Today is 10th May 2017.It is Chinese Brands Day, which is also Luxtude’s celebration day. Luxtude believes that “Love is The Only Answer to Everything”. We insist on independent innovation, keep making great products to impress with high quality and perfect details, and pass our delight to our customers. Better products and service is our endless pursuit. It’s our brand culture. 


And we want share a story to you now.  It’s about our brand story.

Sky Lee, the founder of Luxtude, worked for Lenovo, ATL, NVT and so on. As one of core executives and founders, Sky Lee once established a business successfully in ATL and NVT. ATL and VNT are core suppliers of Lithium-ion battery for Apple, Samsung, Huawei and so on.Whereafter, ATL and NVT were acquired by TDK Group of Japan. To realize his ideal, Sky Lee gave up the chance of sharing the achievement in ATL and NVT, chose to build world-class enterprise and top brand.

There is a sentence that Sky Lee always tells to his staffs: China needs more world-class enterprises and brands to be much richer and more powerful. Building Luxtude into a world-class enterprise is our firm ideals and great mission. As a result, we think social responsibility is far greater than interests. And we are devote ourselves to provide superior products and services to our customers