Luxtude Team: We are young and professional


Luxtude has a young and professional team. 

We are young, so we have free selfdom. As a result, we are true to ourselves, and refuse to follow a stereotype routine. Our team-members full of novel idea and pursue innovation with great passions. We are also so energetic, intellectual, rigorous, good-taste and full of love. 


Meanwhile, we are professional. Luxtude engineers give our products a careful revision and pay attention to details. We set up 30+ control processes and 100+ checking points during product development and manufacturing. We insist on independent innovation, keep making great products to impress with high quality and perfect details, and pass our delight to our customers. Refuse to cheat on Workmanship, we insist on lean production. Refuse to use inferior material, we insist on good-taste.

We think social responsibility is far greater than interests. Luxtude hold a dream in mind to create “Gift from God” and deliver top-level products and service to users with devotional attitude. Better products and service is our endless pursuit.

Finally, Luxtude believes that “Love is The Only Answer to Everything”.