Luxtude: Provide Superior Products and Services to You


Luxtude is devote itself to provide superior products and services to our customers. We have enough confidence because we have following advantages:

First of all, our craft and technology is superior. We have 15-year glorious history, and our products are well-known quality at home and abroad. Tecyea has 15-year experience in working with customers from Top 500 enterprises with our innovation R&D and lean production, 15-year perfect selling record abroad without safety problem. Tecyea provides high-quality core battery and excellent service for global top enterprises, the active customers include: The Home Depot, AAFES, ASUS,Staples, Toshiba and so on.


Secondly,we have keen innovation and brand-new Luxtude series. Luxtude devotes itself to innovation, gets rid of tradition. We combine intellectualization and high-level safety to our electronic products with particular technology. Our products have good texture, modern appearance and style of entry lux.

Thirdly, we select top-quality material all over the world. Luxtude choose Apple battery supplier as our partner because we want our products with top-quality ATL polymer lithium-ion battery. And we put forward a new battery safety standard: Luxtude TBM 7.1.

From all above, our customers can trust us. Our product is the best choice for you.