Luxtude 5000mAh Elite-5 power bank review


This review is from our dear customer Natallia Slimani

I was in the market for a portable charger for my iphone6s. Actually, I had no idea what I want until I saw this one on Amazon. The look of this is similar to my iPhone.:O Then I paid and got it last week.BTW, it was fulfilled and shipped by Amazon.I must praise FBA here, it is so convenient and fast.Now, let's start.


What I got:



A rose golden power bank (my iPhone is also rose golden, that's why I bought it without hesitate), a 2ft micro USB charging cable, a user manual and a greeting letter(from the founder of Luxtude )

Do you think the black package is so cool? love the design so much lol


In the next, I will show you some features of the product that I think really good.


1.The appearance and the slim body

Size: 138*68*8mm      weight: 130g

It can slip unnoticed into my pocket or pack.I can also call or play games easily while charging.

And let me show you the picture and you will know how it is similar to iPhone6s or 7. The texture and the touch are both so good. I am going to buy my boyfriend a black one.




2.Built-in output cable




I really really like the built-in cable because I always lose my charging cable or forget to take it when I need to charge my iPhone.Now I can charge my iPhone anytime.

BTW, the nylon charging cable looks so durable.


Most importantly, the lighting is MFi(Made for iOS).It means the cable is suitable for my iPhone and would not damage it.

Ps: The title of the product on Amazon mentioned it is MFi, and I saw the manufacturer is Tecyea Electronics Limited so I searched it on Then I found it.




3.Actual Capacity/ ATL battery/Charging speed

The seller claimed that the polymer lithium-on battery is from ATL, which is same as Apple. It can charge my iPhone6S twice.Personally, I think it performed better than other 5000mah power banks I bought before since they can only charge my 6S once or 1.5times.The charging speed is just like my iPhone charger. It also needs about 1.8hours to full charge my 6S. But I do not know whether iPhone supports quick charging technology, does anyone knows?



4.Four indicator lights on it to display how much capacity is left in the power bank.





Share you guys a funny story first.

Yesterday morning, I bolted down a few mouthful of food and hurried to go to work. When I arrived my office, I took out my iPhone and found I got a wrong one. Guess what I took. Can you believe, I took the power bank.1

So, its biggest disadvantage: too similar to iPhone.........


In the end, the link