Luxtude power stone break a million within 20 hours


Luxtude launched the power stone on July 8th by Taobao crowdfunding platform.The amount breakout a million yuan within 20 hours, achieved the goal above 1008%               




Come so far, the power stone is sold 2540, which is far above the goal.




Why people are so interested in such a power bank?

The answer is very simple: “Love is the answer about everything”. There are so many cheap and dangerous power banks in the market which is a damnable nuisance for customers.To solve the problem, Luxtude created a real safe travelpower bank.

The new product is Luxtude power stone, which has Intelligent temperature control tech. It has reaction about temperature of battery and change of voltage,which can prevent explosion caused by over-temperature. Charging: Intelligent adjustment of charging current according temperature of battery and change of voltage. Discharging: Intelligent adjustment of discharging current according change of batterys temperature.



About the outlook, many thoughtful designs are added into power stone: Equip with LED flash(extra SOS function), you will no longer feel frightened when walking in darkness; External tenacious hook, less occupied space and more portability. The materials of the outer casing is waterproof, drop-resistant, fireproof and explosion-proof.



Luxtude crowdfunding of power stone is on.Everyone is Welcomed to start safe travel with Luxtude power stone.

This summer holiday, lets have a wonderful trip with Luxtude power stone.


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