Love and power, Luxtude power stone is sold on Taobao crowdfunding


Luxtude power stone, the first safe travelpower bank, be sold on July 8th by Taobao crowdfunding



Power stone is an intelligent temperature control and explosion-proof power bank. There are two colors orange and black can be chosen.The crowdfunding of power stone will last for 1 month.  


The surface of power stone is pliable and solid, it has good glossiness and impact resistance, it can avoid the damage of bump and falling maximally

Contrast to common power banks that only pay attention to the protection of electronic and electronic-circuit module, power stone adds extra sixfold protection which include battery, electronic circuit , temperature and voltage control, health self-test, flame retardant case, nondestructive manufacturing, peripheral protection.It can reduce the possibility of accidents which caused by power bank.




Luxtude power stone is sold at 0:00 July 8th on Taobao crowdfunding,welcome to purchase.

This summer holiday,lets begin our trip with Luxtude power stone.


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